About Me

Small house enthusiast, wannabe carpenter, fearless DIY-er, dog-lover, blogger, writer, public servant, crafty person...

I have been a small house enthusiast for about a decade but this past year, my dreams and plans are finally starting to come true.  In the spring of 2011, my partner, four dogs and I moved into a small house (about 700 square feet).  This is the smallest house I've ever lived in and it suits us better than any of the others have.  Also it has made keeping track of my car keys so much easier!

We are currently building 12' by 12' studio.  The studio started out as a 8' by 8' garden shed.  Then it dawned on me that if we made it a little larger, it would be a chance to see if we could actually build a tiny house.  My dear one suggested we turn it into a studio space for me.  How could I possibly turn that down?

Now, if I could only lay my hands on a 8' by 20' foot flat bed trailer, I have a Tumbleweed plan I'd love to build!