Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Cottage We Hope to Buy

I figured with less than four weeks until the closing date, I'd give readers a look at the small cottage we are buying.  It is set on a double lot on a quiet street.  Don't let the 1990's siding color throw you.  This house is approximately 60-70 years old.  Inside, it has been overhauled: the wiring and plumbing are new, drywall has been replaced, insulation added, new flooring and fixtures.  While many of the finishes are not reflective of our personal taste, these things are easy to change and the "dirty work" has been done.
The house has a simple layout.  The public areas are on the left and the private spaces are on the right.  The inside gets a lot of natural light throughout the day.

The second picture shows the view from the kitchen looking into the living area.  I love the way the light streams in through the front window.  The room absolutely glows in the sunshine. 

The living room and kitchen areas combined measure 11.5 feet by about 26.5 feet.  The long sight lines make the main room feel spacious.  The kitchen is a simple l-shape featuring a window over the sink.
I really love the space.  It will be perfect for how we live.  Even as I write this, the dogs are asleep on the floor and we are sitting at the kitchen table on our respective laptops. We like being in the same room even if we are doing different activities, so this open concept will work perfectly.

It is still about a month away from the closing date so I still have time to sort through our belongings and to give away, store or sell anything we can't take with us.  Something tells me a month won't be long going!


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