Friday, May 15, 2009

Row Houses

Since I now live in an attached dwelling, I thought this next post should be about row houses. St. John's is well known for its colorful row houses lining the narrow streets in the older parts of the city. While some of these row houses are larger homes (e.g. 2500 square feet), some are fairly small (i.e. 500 - 800 square feet). They are often brightly painted and sections of the older, down town area have inspired people to refer to them by nick-names such as "jelly bean row."

For those of you who frequent The Tiny House Blog, you may recall the posting about the Spite House, which was a mere seven feet wide. St. John's also has its share of narrow houses as the pictures clearly show. The other pictures below are a sample of colorful row houses in downtown St. John's.


  1. I actually like these. I hope I see row houses when I look at houses for rent in Cincinnati Ohio today.

  2. I'm used to seeing homes made by Long Island home builders. These houses look so unique to me!

  3. I love the look of the house. It definitely improve the look of the street. They look so unique yet very fun.

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  4. The colorful row houses lining the narrow streets of St. John are really amazing. I love the festive vibe they bring in the area. It kinda reminded me of Mexico and the Philippines. I wonder how the interior looks like.

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